xml/lby.00040.xml Icons of Liberty: "The Liberty Bell"

R.R.R. Moore, "The Liberty Bell," Liberty Bell (1845)

Transcribed from pages 1-4 of the Liberty Bell, for the year 1845.

  • Ring loud that hallowed Bell!
  • Ring it long, ring it long;
  • Through the wide world let it tell
  • That Freedom's strong.
  • That the whole world shall be free—
  • The mighty crowd, the mighty crowd—
  • That the proud shall bend the knee,
  • The haughty proud.
  • Ring, ring the mighty BELL,
  • In the storm, in the storm!
  • Brothers! it shall hearld well
  • Fair Freedom's form.
  • Ring it Southward, till its voice
  • For slavery toll, for slavery toll;
  • And Freedom's wakening touch rejoice
  • Both limb and soul.
  • Ring it o'er the negro's grave!
  • Ring it deep, ring it deep;
  • Its tones are sacred to the slave,
  • In Freedom's sleep.
  • Ring it, till its startling tones
  • Thrill young and old, young and old;
  • Till despots tremble on their thrones,
  • And their blood run cold.
  • Ring it, till the slave be free,
  • Wherever chained, wherever chained;
  • Till Universal Liberty
  • For aye be gained.
  • Ring it, till the young arise
  • To Freedom's fight, to Freedom's fight;
  • Spring gladly toward the kindling skies,
  • All clothed in light.
  • Ring it, till the bonds of sect
  • Be torn away, be torn away;
  • Till every man, as God's elect,
  • Kneel down to pray.
  • Ring it, till the world have heard,
  • And felt, at length, and felt, at length;
  • Till every living soul be stirred,
  • And clothed with strength.

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